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Whisky River Guitar Signed

Fret About This, founded by communications specialist and musician Matt Schaub, creates one-of-a-kind guitars out of unorthodox materials, which are then auctioned off to raise money for charities such as Jail Guitar Doors, Gift of Life International and Farm Aid.

Farm Aid is a nonprofit organization that has been working for over thirty years to help family farmers stay on their land and find the resources they need to thrive.  Thanks in part to an annual concert, Farm Aid has raised more than $53 million in support of their cause.


To help Fret About This get the word out about their overall mission so they could create partnerships and continue strumming along.


We developed a series of short narratives about individual guitars, putting them in the context of the objects they were made from and the charities they were supporting.


Our initial round of videos caught the attention of a few organizations, including Farm Aid.  We then decided to document Whiskey River’s journey from bar to backstage, with additional videos featuring the guitar and photographs to capture the spirit of the annual Farm Aid concert.

Fret About This has raised $150,000 for charity to date.  Whiskey River itself was signed by Farm Aid board members and legendary musicians Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews and sold for $50,000.


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