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David Blaine

Over the course of a decade-long collaboration, we fulfilled multiple artistic roles for David Blaine. Working closely with him and his team, we took part in conceptualizing stunts, developing strategies for TV specials, advising on brand partnerships and spearheading community and non-profit outreach. We provided concept illustrations and creative consultations on several of Blaine’s high-profile stunts such as Revolution and Electrified, televised specials such as Real or Magic and his first ever tour, LIVE.

New York City / Creative Strategy, Illustration & Video


Concept Art

All of Blaine’s work starts with a kernel of an idea and it was up to us to make those ideas pop. We illustrated storyboards for stunt ideation, performance schematics and environmental design, sometimes with little to go on but a few quickly spit out ideas. Our artwork was used for television pitches, promotional concepts and collateral, and acted as the project backbone anytime one of his performance proposals came to fruition. Additionally, we consulted with the sponsors of his shows, offering ideas, suggestions and mock-ups for their final marketing materials.

Blaine’s LIVE tour was meant to be the culmination of his life’s work, performing his magic tricks and dangerous stunts in front of live audiences. Inspired by 19th century vaudeville and large-scale Las Vegas spectacles, we created a full spectrum of illustrations for a modern retelling of the staged magic show while interweaving Blaine’s signature street magic style.

Live Street Poster Conceptual.jpg
old timey magic ad.jpg
Concept Art LIVE1.jpg
Chrysse’s a very talented artist. Her illustrations and creativity lend visual weight, giving shape for dreams to become reality.
David Blaine