We Tell Emmy Award Winning Stories

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By making small stories universal


And larger than life stories deeply personal

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Our full-scale creative studio specializes in video, photo, design and content strategy for people who have stories to share.


Stories that inspire the heart.


Stories that enlighten the mind.

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Stories that entertain the soul.



happening, existing or arising at precisely the same time


Unique perspectives always share a point of intersection. This point, once we've found it, becomes the center of our message. Through patience, observation and timing we offer inspired memorable experiences that resonate with audiences, build trust and break through social barriers to effect change and growth. 

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We're thinkers, dreamers and doers.


Simon Edelman, Chief Storyteller

Founder and filmmaker, Simon's lyrical eye and keen sense of timing has garnered him critical acclaim and awards for several of his television and digital productions. Simon was previously the Chief Creative Officer for the Department of Energy and the Creative Director for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.


Chris Sato, Producer + Director

Raised by filmmaker parents, Chris was enveloped by the industry at a young age and never had an alternative plan to leave. Allowing creative discovery to guide him, Chris takes on challenges with unrivaled bravado and a sense of optimism that’s envious. Trust us. 



Chrysse Haynes, Creative Director 

With over a decade of experience as a brand manager for Fortune 500 companies, Chrysse curates meaningful experiences through visuals, design, and words that contribute to our individual lives, offering a connection to our sensations, feelings and imaginations.