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Democratic Governors Association

The 2018 midterm elections produced the greatest gain in governorships since 1982, flipping seven seats and maintaining control of nine others.  Democrats now hold 23 seats and represent a majority of the population. Syncro Studios worked in conjunction with DGA campaign staffs and state Democratic parties to create online video content for several tight races across the country. We produced videos for nine states and won five of them.

National / Video, Photo & Creative Strategy


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Creative Strategy

Created relevant content that stood out, stuck with the facts and informed voters of the policies and positions of Republican gubernatorial candidates, often resulting in earned media which provided us with additional (and free) platforms from which to spread our message.

In addition to opposition ads, in Georgia we made a concerted effort to motivate potential voters to Get Out the Vote by producing a series of videos from Stacey Abrams’ campaign trail. These were largely centered around Abrams’ rallies and conversations with supporters and focused on the reasons for citizens to head to the polls: to implement much-needed change in the state; to have their voices heard; to honor the ancestors of those who couldn’t vote; and, most importantly, to elect the best candidate for the job.    



Followed Stacey Abrams’ campaign during the last week of the Georgia gubernatorial race, documenting her rallies across the state, including those featuring President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.  Spent election night with her and her supporters, capturing the excitement in the room as the hope of making history (again) abounded. Post-election, photographed the DGA holiday party in New Orleans, which was attended by over 500 donors and members.

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Films & Digital Campaigns

Produced negative but factual videos against the Republican candidates for governor in nine state races. In Georgia, created a series of Get Out the Vote videos which followed canvassers as they knocked on doors, distributed information and talked with voters in the final days of Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign.

I fucking love your work.
Mia Arreguin, Digital Director Stacey Abrams for Governor