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Stephanie Borkan Acupuncture

A licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, Stephanie Borkan uses techniques found in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people restore harmony and maintain balance in their lives. We conceived a branding package that stayed true to the lifestyle and holistic services provided, including designing her logo, developing an online identity and creating social media content.

Chicago / Identity and Photo



Stephanie sought a brand that represented balance and the harmony of nature. Playing with the symbolism of yin and yang, we created visuals within two tonal ranges: whites and blacks. Light shining through the window is countered by the deep shadows of the forest, producing a dynamic and harmonious effect.

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We accompanied Stephanie to a few client sessions, where the idea of being “a fly on the wall” took on a new level of importance.  We wanted to capture Stephanie in her element without disturbing the goals of the individual therapies.  With some clients on board, we were allowed to quietly observe and photograph the different techniques she practices, which were later edited into a video and used on her website and social media.

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Social Media Strategy

To better connect with followers and newcomers, we developed Stephanie’s social media presence to emphasize the calming and restorative elements of her practice. Using natural imagery and focusing on four key services—acupuncture, nutrition, herbology and meditation—we built a tranquil and informative healing space.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone received five minutes of healthy touch a day.
Stephanie Borkan